1. Attention:

    I will pay close attention to your interests and your timetable for owning Real Estate in the Deer Valley, Park City area. Learning all I can about your visions of owning your dream property is just the start. Please click here for my Buyer's Service Form.

  2. Ownership Options:

    I will expose you to every property that fits your criteria including all available property, not just my listings or my company's listings.

  3. New Listings:

    Instant email notifications through the Park City MLS of new listings as soon as they are listed. Simply send me your parameters. In addition, thorugh my extensive connections and networking, I frequently learn of properties about to become available prior to their release through the MLS. Many great properties are sold upon their listing.

  4. Your Best Interests:

    My commitment and obligation is to you and you alone through Buyer's Agency. I will diligently represent you with service, integrity and results throughout our relationship.

  5. Your Time:

    I will arrange a personally guided property tour for you around your schedule covering details including keys and access prearranged. E-mailing select listings with digital photographs is another tool I employ to save you valuable time in your search process.

  6. Tour List:

    I will prepare a customized 'Tour List' worksheet, summarizing each property's: address, investment amount, approx. size, bedrooms, baths, taxes and Homeowners Association dues, if any. Relevant items such as included furnishings will also be noted.

  7. Patience:

    I am happy to help you investigate the possibilities of owning in Park City on your terms and on your time frame. My commitment is to help you to make the best decisions for you and/or your family. Perhaps owning here is not for you today or ever.

  8. Financing:

    If you desire financing, I will refer you to multiple, reputable local lenders. A pre-approval letter can save you thousands in the negotiating process. A seller who knows a buyer can afford the property is likely to offer better terms than a seller has to wait to hear about a loan approval.

  9. Your Ownership Offer:

    Your offer will be professionally prepared with your price and terms. I will present your offer directly to the Seller if possible, or the Seller's agent, on your behalf and press for an acceptance.

  10. Negotiation:

    I will tactfully negotiate the absolute best terms in your interest while in constant communication with you. I am here to serve you and your interests.

  11. Attention To Detail:

    When you come to terms with a seller, my focus shifts to monitor every detail of the escrow period to ensure a smooth closing process. Examples of these details include: Title Reports, Seller's Disclosures items, fully endorsed lists of Personal Property to be transferred if any, Performance Dates, Lender/Financing performance, Appraisals, Contingencies, Property Inspections and document preparation/accuracy including Settlement Statements.

  12. Checklists:

    My extensive use of checklists ensures that details important to you are never overlooked.

  13. Closing While Out of Town:

    64% of Park City Real Estate is owned by out of state individuals. Many transactions are closed using phones, e-mail, wire transfers and overnight delivery. I will be in constant communication with you, the Title Company and the Lender (if applicable), facilitating the entire process on your behalf.

  14. Follow-Up:

    I am always available to assist you in enjoying your new property in every way. Want to know the best powder stashes, guides, restaurant suggestions, best trails for hiking, biking, riding or walking, Property Managers or anything else related to life here in Park City, call me for any reason. I am here to help.