Presenting a seller with an offer involves numerous terms besides the purchase price. These terms include items such as the closing date and contingencies. Having to wait to see if a buyer can qualify for the loan is a burden for the seller. Even if the buyer has outstanding credit scores and significant assets, the seller has no idea who the buyer is. Becoming pre-approved for your loan eliminates one of those terms and communicates to the seller that your offer is solid. A seller who knows they are dealing with a pre-approved buyer is likely to be more flexible on price. This can potentially save the buyer thousands of dollars.

I highly recommend using a local lender for investing in Park City Real Estate. Local lenders offer competitive rates. Most of all, they can be a huge factor in a smooth and successful closing process. The following Park City lenders have proven themselves competent in addition to being both detailed and service oriented. I have closed numerous transactions with each one of them.

  1. Greg Cutt, Guaranteed Rate
    office (435) 647-3000
    cell (435) 640-1989
  2. Lisa Lundquist, Veritas Funding
    cell (435) 659-1390
  3. Rob Karz, Inter-Mountain Mortgage
    office (435) 649-6660
    cell (435) 640-1714
  4. Larry Bywater, Wells Fargo Private Banking
    cell (435) 513-2887